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              JOHN REED


I've always been fascinated by the world of the spy. My grade school buddies and I played, "Spooks and Spys" instead of Cowboys and Indians.


I grew up on a steady diet of  Ludlum, Follett, Forsyth and le Carre.


When I joined the Army as a young second lieutenant detailed to Military Intelligence I  had the opportunity to absorb the thoughts, dreams and techniques of our secret warriors. Other postings in the field gave me valuable insights into their tradecraft.


I've attempted to portray their world through the exploits of  my characters: Tom Hatcher, Tuck Nyland, Jim Gadsden and the others--heroes and villians-- who inhabit my fictional landscapes. That landscape has taken  a strange turn lately with a recent venture into sci-fi fantasy. Having way too much fun there. Take a look at  the recently-published  Mountain of Ashes and Hurricanes and Swan Songs  available  on the "Books" page.

I Hope you enjoy escaping with me into their world--the world of the spy.


Some people know me as Dr. John, the Book Doctor, I provide editing and critique services for writers of all genres. I encourage you to check out my "Help For Writers" page  for some  tips about the the craft of writing.


 For more help, follow this link: 

P.S. Just for fun, take a look at my whimsical, semi-autobiographical romp across Oregon, Assume the Position, a far cry from the deadly serious world of espionage.


                                                       Praise for The Kingfisher's Call

Reed is better than Clancy . . . and his plot is packed with an amazing array of twists and turns. 



 A scrappy, hardworking tale of espionage.


 Publisher's Weekly



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